Developing Cultural Competence Series: Session 2: Communicating Across Cultures

May 16 2018 - 6:30pm to 8:30pm
Trainer Name: 
Angie DeFazio

Why do parents ask us to do things that are so difficult to do in group care? Through deep reflection and self-awareness about our own identity, perspectives, and reactions, your comfort level around people who are different can be enhanced; your ability to critically analyze environments and interactions, with an eye to expanding the antibias qualities in those contexts, will be increased. “In our increasingly diverse society, we all need to be able to create authentic, healthy, equitable relationships with people unlike ourselves, whether our colleagues and coworkers, children in our care, and the families we serve.”- (NAEYC). Come be empowered to be an agent of change!
Core Knowledge Area: Serving Diverse Populations

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