What do you know about Measles?

The media has made us all aware of the outbreak and spread of Measles in this country. Sometimes it becomes difficult to separate the facts from what is often called the sensationalism of media reporting. Below are two links, one is a fact sheet from the World Health Organization. The other is the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reporting on the studies concerning the relationship between vaccinations and autism. This is a growing health concern that both parents and child care providers should be prepared with the most current information.

ATTENTION CHILD CARE PROVIDERS enrolled in the E-Child Care Program

If you closed for the BLIZZARD DON’T MISS OUT ON RECEIVING PAYMENTS.  Remember to contact Community Child Care Solutions with any emergency closing dates. Information must be submitted in writing within the 13 day backswipe period to allow the dates to be entered into your calendar. You may email to

What Early Care and Education Providers and Families Should Know About Enterovirus D68

The Administration for Children and Families has received questions from Head Start and child care programs about recent news reports of Enterovirus D68 spreading across the country. Infecting about 10 to 15 million Americans each year, enteroviruses are very common, especially during the summer and fall months. Infants and children are more susceptible to infection due to developing immune systems and lack of prior exposure to viruses. Pregnant women also have a greater chance of being infected, but will only develop mild or no symptoms.

Community Child Care Solutions Launches Facebook Page!

Community Child Care Solutions now has a Facebook page.  The postings on the page will range from information to parents and providers about early childhood education, eligibility for subsidies, e-child care and any new regulations.  We will pass along information from our partners in early care and education both locally and nationwide. Parents and providers will be able to post comments and share experiences.


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