e-Child Care (ECC)

The New Jersey Department of Human Services' Division of Family Development (DFD) has implemented a new automated child care tracking and attendance system called e-Child Care (ECC). Through the convenience of a telephone system known as e-Child Care Interactive Voice Response (IVR), parents electronically record attendance, and the reporting and claim submission is automated. The e-Child Care IVR system is used by parents/designees receiving care from family child care providers as well as child care centers that serve five or fewer children who receive a child care subsidy. A swipe card system (POS Device) is used by licensed child care centers and school aged programs to provide real time tracking and verification of child care attendance. The link below should answer many of your e-Child Care questions. 

View instructional videos on how to use the ECC system 


Links to more information on e-Child Care (ECC)


Important Phone Numbers:

Provider Helpline (for questions related to ACS, POS device, IVR system): 1-877-516-5776

Parent Customer Service (activate Family First Card, reset pin): 1-800-997-3333


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