Professional Impact NJ (PINJ) Registry

Community Child Care Solutions has entered into a joint collaboration with Professional Impact NJ (PINJ) to use the NJ Registry database to register for our workshops. This means if you would like to attend a CCCS workshop, you will need to be an “Active” member of the NJ Registry.

What is the NJ Registry?

Anyone who works with children in a child care center, a family child care setting, after‐school program or in a public school system is required to complete professional development training hours. The NJ Registry is an on‐line database which helps early childhood professionals manage and track their professional development hours. It also recognizes a person’s education,training and work experience in the field of early childhood education. Active members can print their membership card, Certificate of Recognition and an Education and Training Report, which is a summary of any degrees, certifications, college experience and credentials they have, as well as trainings they have attended.

For more information on the NJ Registry visit or call 973.391.2633 ext. 204.

Click here for more information on how to join the NJ Registry and renew your account!

Want to Receive a Free Training from Community Child Care Solutions?

Send us your PINJ Registry ID # and you will receive a voucher for ONE free training!

During this transition period, you will be able to still mail in your registration forms and checks.  However, by Spring our goal is to have ALL registrations done through the Registry. Become a member NOW! It is free.



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