Quality Improvement

To provide quality care a caregiver should be committed to improving their skills.  Community Child Care Solutions assists child care providers in improving the quality of their child care though programs like Grow NJ Kids (QRIS). 

Quality Improvement Programs:


Grow NJ Kids (QRIS)

Grow NJ Kids, New Jersey's Quality Rating Improvement System, is New Jersey's program to raise the quality of child care and early learning across the state.  For parents, it provides information a quality provider to help them make the most of their kids' early learning opportunities.  For child care and early learning programs, it provides resources that help raise their quality and continuously improve their progams. 

For more information, contact Annette Janssen  at 908-927-0869 ext 2471 or Nikki Byrant at 908-333-2465.

Is Grow NJ Kids voluntary?


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