Quality Improvement

To provide quality care a caregiver should be committed to improving their skills through training.  Community Child Care Solutions assists child care providers in improving the quality of their child care though programs like The Quality Initiative : Accreditation Facilitation Project, Grow NJ Kids Test Drive (QRIS) and the Nicholson Foundation. 

Quality Improvement Programs:


Grow NJ Kids Test Drive (QRIS)

NJ launched a pilot program (Test Drive) of the Quality Rating Improvement System (QRIS) and Community Child Care Solutions is participating. The program is called Grow NJ Kids.  For more information, contact Romaine Williamson at 732-934-2850 or Nikki Byrant at 908-333-2465.

What is the test drive?

The test drive is a pilot program for the Grow NJ Kids tool.  Four counties in NJ are currently involved; Middlesex, Somerset, Morris and Essex (Newark only).  In each county there is a combination of child care centers, Department of Education preschools and Head Start centers participating.

Is the Test Drive voluntary?

Yes.  Centers submitted an application and then were selected to participate.

Monthly Workshops


Steps to Quality Family Child Care Initiative

The Steps to Quality Family Child Care Initiative is a pilot program funded by The Nicholson Foundation and implemented to improve the quality of care in family child care homes.  Three Child Care Resource and Referral agencies are working in collaboration to execute the program in three areas; Community Child Care Solutions has chosen the city of Perth Amboy.

An early childhood specialist from Community Child Care Solutions will support and assist the family provider in five areas:

  • Safe, Healthy Learning Environments
  • Curriculum and Learning Environment
  • Family and Community Engagement
  • Professional Development
  • Program Management


For more information on this initiative, contact Marilyn Quintana at 732-934-2902.

Why should a provider participate?

  • Free training, including training in medication administration
  • Free professional liability insurance
  • Free materials and equipment grants of up to $1,000
  • Free educational materials and professional resources
  • Free on-site technical assistance visits by early childhood specialists
  • Free program assessment using the Family Child Care Environment Rating Scale


How are the providers selected?

12 Family Child Care Providers will be selected.  They must meet the following requirements:

  • Be a NJ state registered FCC provider and in full compliance with all regulations
  • Have at least two children in care, with at least one being an infant or toddler
  • Have at least one child receiving a state child care subsidy
  • Must live in Perth Amboy
  • Must sign a letter of agreement and have a fingerprint background check



The Quality Initiative: Accreditation Facilitation Project

The Quality Initiative: Accreditation Facilitation Project provides technical assistance, training, policy development and support to child care centers who are interested in acquiring national accreditation.

Accreditation can be achieved through the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) or the National Early Childhood Program Accreditation (NECPA) or the Association for Early Learning Leaders (formerly known as NACCP) . Through funding from the United Way of Central Jersey, Community Child Care Solutions provides support in obtaining accreditation to child care centers in Middlesex County. Priority is given to applicant centers funded by the United Way.

The project provides technical assistance to participating centers including:

  • Financial support for fees and classroom materials
  • Training for staff to meet the standards of NAEYC, NACCP or NECPA accreditation
  • Individualized on-site technical assistance for self-study and self-assessment
  • Increased subsidy for your program upon receiving accreditation
  • Assistance with planning and implementing program improvement plans
  • On-site visits for additional technical assistance and individual director mentoring
  • Additional staff trainings in the use of the Environment Rating Scale (ERS), Early Childhood Environment Rating Scale (ECERS-R), and Infant Toddler Environmental Rating Scale (ITERS) , room arrangement, grant writing, literacy enrichment support, guidance and discipline resources, woodworking with young children and other topics as determined by each center’s improvement plan.


**The Quality Initiative has mentored more than 50% of the currently accredited child care programs in Middlesex County**

NAEYC, NACCP and NECPA Accreditation lets families in the community know that children in accredited programs are getting the best care and early learning experiences.

For more information on The Quality Initiative : Accreditation Facilitation Project please contact Jamie Mikulas at 732-934-2882.



We don’t receive any subsidies, so why should we go through accreditation?

Going through self-study to achieve accreditation allows a center to reflect on their practices and improve their service. Children will receive high quality care, parents will identify your center as a nationally accredited program, communities become stronger and centers create potential for increased enrollment and financial gain.

What’s the benefit of going through accreditation?

Your program will receive financial support to help with fees and classroom materials. Staff and administration will have access to specific training related to improving quality care in your center. Programs will receive one-on-one time with a highly knowledgeable facilitation program coordinator who will help customize an accreditation path with the administration and staff.

How will accreditation and the upcoming QRIS program work side by side?

The QRIS is new and coming to New Jersey; many other states have both accreditation and QRIS entities.

Which programs qualify to participate in the Quality Initiative?

Non-profit programs in Middlesex County.

Which accreditation programs do you go through?


What if I don’t pass accreditation?

All three accreditation programs have a review process that allow for improvements and resubmission at an additional cost.

Do you pay for everything?

Unfortunately, we do not absorb all of the cost of the accreditation process. We try our best to help reduce the cost of enrollment fees by paying a percentage of the fees or other accreditation expenses.

Will the accreditation facilitation project coordinator be at my site every day helping me in the process?

No, the accreditation facilitation project coordinator works with multiple sites that are all in different stages of the accreditation process. Program administration and the accreditation coordinator will design a customized schedule based on the program’s level of need.


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