Community Child Care Solutions, as the name implies, is a solution provider to my child care needs. I appreciate your service and help.
I am a single mother and you have saved me money on which now can benefit my child.
New Jersey Cares for Kids has helped me with child care. Before, I was unable to pay for child care due to lack of finances and I'm now able to manage. I don't what I would do without it. Not to mention that the staff is caring and helpful.
My case worker was informative, prompt and courteous.
I think you are doing a good job.
Information that can help not only my class but those I love.
All About Me
We can always count on you, its such a pleasure working with you!
I love your classes. They are always fun.
Math for Young Children
Thanks for the reminder of how important we are.
Relationships w/ Children, Families and Colleagues
Community Child Care Solutions has been so good to me and my son. Without them my son would never have the chance to start Pre-K.


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