I am very happy with the service.
I love your classes. They are always fun.
Math for Young Children
My worker was excellent! She was always on top of my situation!
CCCS answered all of my questions and were very direct and precise.
Thanks for the reminder of how important we are.
Relationships w/ Children, Families and Colleagues
I am a single mother and you have saved me money on which now can benefit my child.
I was able to choose a variety of day cares for my children (sic).
Information that can help not only my class but those I love.
All About Me
It touches my heart to know that there is help and people to support one another when life gets hard both financially and emotionally. I am working and attending nursing school and by just knowing that my daughter is happy in school gives me the strength to do my best in everything I do.
Great ideas to work with children.
Language and Literacy Development


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