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Infant Toddler
Specialist Network 

Nancy Nieves

Middlesex County

Infant/ Toddler Specialist


Esther "Jackie" Stephens

Somerset County

Infant/ Toddler Specialist


The Infant Toddler Specialist Promise

As your infant and toddler coach and mentor, we promise:


To guide you through completing and submitting an Infant Toddler Specialist Network (ITSN) ENROLLMENT REQUEST if you are interested


Guide you through understanding and assessing the quality of your Family Child Care, or Child Care Center Infant/Toddler Environments using FCCERS-3 and/or ITERS-3


To provide virtual and/or in-person program visits, workshops, and technical assistance customized to the needs of your program and arrange the above at times convenient to the director, staff members, and or family child care provider


To conduct virtual and/or in-person observations and classroom assessments for your center or care space observations and assessments for you in a respectful, non-intrusive manner


To share results of observations from the Infant Toddler Environmental or Family Child Care Rating Scale with the program director/provider in a clear, concise, timely, professional, non- judgmental and respectful manner


To treat all management and staff in a respectful and professional manner

To notify your program 24 hours in advance when applicable, if a visit needs to be rescheduled or canceled


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