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Need Help...paying for child care?...finding the right child care program?...connecting to community resources?

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Programs and services that support early care educators in their daily work.

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Important information and Community Resources

For Families

Mother holding baby wants to know how to pay for child care

Where can I

check how my child is doing developmentally?

How can I find community

resources for my family?

What are my child care options?

Do I qualify

for child care


call now

Are there any


events we can participate in?

Can I get

help to find a provider?

Eligible families can receive help paying for child care. Financial help may be provided for low and moderate-income working parents and parents attending school.

For Providers

What is GNJK and what are the benefits of joining?

woman looking at speech bubbles over her head

What is Shared Services and what are the benefits of joining?

Where can I find FFN & FCC provider support?