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Policies & Complaints

Confidentiality Policy

Community Child Care Solutions recognizes its obligations under federal and state law to safeguard the privacy of our clients’ protected information; whether in written, oral or electronic form. All employees respect our clients’ right to confidentiality. Information about our clients shall not be released to or discussed with others unless it is necessary for the client’s needs or is required or permitted by law.

The questions we ask while helping a client find child care will be used only to assist the client and to gather statistics. No one else will have access to private data at any time.

Fee Policy

There is no charge for child care referrals, the service is free to anyone seeking care in Middlesex of Somerset counties.

Diversity Policy

The Community Child Care Solution staff will provide referrals without bias to type of care or individual provider. No client or provider shall be discriminated against because of race, color, national origin, disability, age or sex.

Complaint Policy

Community Child Care Solutions is committed to providing quality services to the families of Middlesex and Somerset counties. When a problem arises our goal is to address the problem immediately or refer the caller to the appropriate agency.

Complaints may fall into the following categories:

Complaints Against a Child Care Center

Complaints against a child care center (excluding abuse and neglect) are referred to the Office of Licensing at 1 (877) 667-9845 . The Office is the licensing agent for child care centers and therefore investigates all complaints.

Complaints Against Family Child Care Providers

Complaints against Family Child Care Providers (excluding abuse and neglect) are investigated by Community Child Care Solutions. As the registering agent for family child care in Middlesex and Somerset counties, it is our responsibility to investigate and document all complaints. All complaints are investigated within 10 working days. Complaints may be made anonymously.

Child Abuse and Neglect

All calls received concerning the abuse or neglect of a child are immediately referred to caller to the Division of Youth and Family Services (DYFS) Hotline at 877-NJ ABUSE (877-652-2873).

Complaints Against Child Care Resource and Referral

Complaints against specific staff members of Community Child Care Solutions should be addressed with their supervisor. If the caller does not receive satisfaction from the staff or management of the CCRR they can contact MaryJane DiPaolo, Executive Director at 732-324-4357 to request a copy of the Client Grievance Process for Community Child Care Solutions.

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