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Working parents are often faced with the difficult task of choosing child care while they are at work. There are several types of child care programs for parents to consider. Therefore, it is important that parents educate themselves about their child care options. Only a parent can decide what will best meet the needs of their child and their work schedule. Work with a child care specialist who will conduct a child care search and provide detailed profiles on child care programs.


Child Care

Child Care Centers



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Family Child Care

Family Child Care Providers care for a small group of children in their own private home, such as a house, apartment, or condo unit. The children are educated in a small group in a family style atmosphere.  All Registered Providers meet health and safety requirements which include fingerprinting  and certification  in First Aid and CPR.

Ages of Children in Family Child Care:

  • The provider shall care for no more than 3 children below one year of age unless a second caregiver is present.

  • The provider shall care for no more than 4 children below two years of age unless a second caregiver is present.

  • If the provider is caring for 3 children below 1 year, or 4 children below 2 years of age, a second caregiver must be present to provide care for any additional children under 6 years of age.

Child Care Centers

Most child care centers with six or more children under the age of 13 must be licensed. They must meet basic standards for staff, child ratios and space. In New Jersey, child care centers are licensed and inspected by the Department of Children and Families, Office of Licensing. To contact the Office of Licensing, call 877-667-9845 or visit The Department of Children and Families. Child care centers generally group children by age, allowing children to interact and learn with their peers. Some centers are accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children which means they have met high standards for staff, curriculum, health & safety and staff to child ratios.

Public Preschool

Public School education is offered starting at age three in the cities of New Brunswick and Perth Amboy. The family must live in the city of New Brunswick or Perth Amboy. The child must be three or four on or before the birthday cutoff date to start school that year. This program includes before and after school and summer care for income eligible families.

To contact the New Brunswick Board of Education, call (732) 745-5300.

To contact the Perth Amboy Board of Education, call (732) 376-6200.

Limited Public School education for preschool children is offered in some other cities.

Before & After School Care

Before- and after-school (or school-age care) programs are for children ages 5 and older. Afterschool programs can be in schools, rec centers, or child care centers. Many, but not all, school-age child care programs must be licensed. Community Child Care Solutions only provides referrals to licensed programs or those that are legally exempt from licensing.

Children Embracing in Circle

Summer Camps & Care

Summer camp programs offer full or part time summer activities. Many providers operate as full day programs during the summer. The certification of youth day camps that operate only in the summer are issued by The New Jersey Department of Health, Public Health and Food Protection Program (PHFPP). Community Child Care Solutions only refers camps that are licensed by the Department of Children and Families, Office of Licensing or certified by the New Jersey Department of Health, Public Health and Food Protection Program (PHFPP).


Here you will find an extensive list of camps committed to providing a fun and enriching summer experience for kids and teens.

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